PPC Management Services

PPC marketing is not a set it and forget it marketing tool. The PPC advertising world changes daily and seasonally. Bid prices fluctuate. Competitors come and go. Budgets swell and contract. There are many factors that can influence where your advertisements appear in the rankings. Bid too low and your ads may get bumped to the second page of search engine results causing clickthroughs to plummet. Bid too high and profitability and ROI suffer. Now add in the fact that all of your competitors are optimizing their campaigns to beat their competition too and you can see that their bid prices affect your positions in the results as well.

Our PPC management team will stay on top of your Adwords and adCenter campaigns to ensure they are making you the most revenue possible. We provide ongoing testing and optimization to steadily increase your conversion rate and return on investment for your advertising budget.

Every PPC guru, book and course out there will tell you the key to winning with PPC over the long term is constant optimization and persistence. Write two ads and test them against each other. After a winner is declared, delete the loser and create another new advertistement and repeat. Let Cartmetrix’s team perform these repetitive tasks for you each month.

PPC campaign management services include:

  • Six to eight new ads created and tested every month.
  • Split testing via industry standard optimization tools to certify a winner.
  • Bi-monthly performance reports
  • Bi-weekly audit of campaign and budget. Daily or more often when active tests are being conducted.
  • Landing page optimization recommendations as needed.
  • Maintenance of negative keywords lists.

Signup at the form below and a representative will contact you shortly to answer any questions, confirm pricing and complete payment.

PPC Campaign Management

Signup for PPC Campaign Management services. Prices shown are typical. Some campaigns may be more or less depending on complexity, number of keywords and niche. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with a full quote.
    Each campaign setup includes one search engine, Google or Bing/Yahoo. Please add $100 per campaign for additional search engines.

We also offer PPC Campaign Setup Services if you would like to manage your campaigns on your own but need some help getting started.

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